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Updated April 21, 2020



Down by the BayVirtual Talent Show Flyer
Medicinal Plants ClassVirtual Talent Show Permission Form
AVTEC Nautical SkillsWelcoming Home our Birds
Reimbursement FormOnline Scholastic Book Fair
HCOA Kid Art Poster ContestHCOA Poetry Contest Flyer
Seed Library


Please like our Facebook page, as we will be sharing our activities /virtual videos and other information with you. https://www.facebook.com/ConnectionsHomeschool/

You can also visit our website: https://connections.blogs.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/2020/02/04/whats-happening-2-3-2020/

ALL OFFICES:  Important Dates to remember see description below.

  • ALL OFFICES:  Important Dates to remember see description below.
  • NOW  – Re-enrollments/New Enrollments
  • 04/13 – 05/08 – Introduction to Nautical Skills (see below)
  • 04/21 – Virtual Kindergarten Round on Facebook
  • 04/22 – Medical Plants online class
  • 04/30 – Virtual Talent Show due.
  • 04/30 – Deadline for reimbursements
  • 05/05 – Live Kindergarten Roundup Questions & Answers 11:00 am (See below)
  • Now –   HOMER –SEED LIBRARY (see flyer and below for info)
  • 04/20 – HOMER – COVID-19 Prevention Kid Art Poster Contest
  • 05/07 – HOMER – Welcoming Home Our Birds (Kits are limited)
  • 05/08 – HOMER – Poetry Contest (see attached flyer)

NOW – Re-enrollments/New Enrollments for next year has begun.  To accommodate our new procedures, we will have you fax/email the enrollment form to us. We will then coordinate a phone/video appointment to develop the ILP and write up any curriculum orders.

15 Days of 3 Good Things!

Join our 15 Days of 3 Good Things!  Post 3 Good Things about your day.  Take a moment to read the posts shared by others.  Come back each day and add another 3 Good Things.  Let’s share our joys together.


30 Day Family Fitness Challenge – Happening NOW on the Connections Fackbook Page

Here are the challenges that have been put out so far:

  • Day 1 – Crab Walk Challenge
  • Day 2 – Limbo Challenge
  • Day 3 – Go on a Walk Together
  • Day 4 – Yoga or Family Stretching
  • Day 5 – Squat Thrust Challenge
  • Day 6 – The Name Game Challenge
  • Day 7 – Make Your Own Obstacle Course
  • Day 8 – Drink 8 Glasses of Water
  • Day 9 – Play Active Simon Says
  • Day 10 – Try an Activity You’ve Never Done Before

Check out the Facebook page for details, and to participate! https://www.facebook.com/ConnectionsHomeschool/

More to come, so stay tuned

Attention Class of 2020!

As you might have heard, the state of Alaska announced that schools will be closed through the remainder of the school year. While this makes a traditional graduation ceremony impossible, we’d still love to put together an alternative program that celebrates our seniors in a way that is meaningful to YOU!  Please submit your senior photos and surveys to your advisor ASAP as these will be used to make our celebration special. Your advisor will also be sending out an email asking for your ideas to make graduation memorable. We’d love to hear from you so that we can make it something special for our current seniors that have been so strongly impacted. Thank you for your help with this!

04/13 – 05/08 – Introduction to Nautical Skills – HS Online Nautical Skills class as a 4-week Fast Track class, shortened from our usual 12 week semester format.

THIS IS A GREAT opportunity for HS students to FAST TRACK themselves to earning their Professional Merchant Mariner Credential BEFORE the graduate HS.  Students who successfully complete this course will also gain access to thousands of dollars of funding to assist them with tuition, room & board for AVTEC training programs while they are still in HS.

PLEASE do not delay! Students are already enrolling and it is limited. See Flyer for more details, and I am standing by to assist you as well.

Deb Burdick, AVTEC Young Mariner Program

debra.burdick@avtec.edu  907-224-6188

04/21 – Virtual Kindergarten Round-up

Kindergarten Round-up

Our elementary advisors have created a virtual Kindergarten Round-up for upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  Families will be able to view an interactive presentation with videos and links to some of the award winning curriculums available to use.  Our presentation will be posted on our Facebook page on April 21st.  Elementary advisors from each of our offices will host a live questions and answer meeting on May 5th at 11:00 am.  Please submit any questions you would like to discuss during our live broadcast to lhaskins@kpbsd.k12.ak.us   We look forward to an exciting year with our kindergarten families.

 04/22 – Medical Plants online class

All Connections families are welcome to join this zoom session where participants will build knowledge of the exceptional nutritional and therapeutic value of wild edibles and medicines from the safety of your home! Learn to identify local medicinal plants by sight, smell, and touch, and understand their therapeutic properties.

We’ll be using Zoom for this session. E-mail Joanna at jfonkert@kpbsd.org for further directions or if you need assistance.

04/30 – Deadline for reimbursements.  Remember that all purchases need to tie directly to this year’s ILP. .  Please submit electronically.  Scan, or take a clear photo and email the forms and receipts to your advisor.  Fillable forms are available under the “Forms” tab on our website.  **Make sure you save them to your computer before editing.  Forms may be filled in and signed electronically.  If you need help here’s a Tutorial for Fillable Documents & Electronic Signature using Adobe Acrobat.

04/30 –Virtual Talent & Art Show

Despite the Homeschool Talent Show being cancelled for April 9th, we’re going to try our best to turn lemons into lemonade by hosting our very first Virtual Art & Talent Show for homeschoolers! Our hope is that this format will allow our talented homeschool students the opportunity to have a stage and display the results of their hard work. We also hope that this format will open up the show to many more students that weren’t able to make the date, weren’t comfortable performing in front of a live audience, or whose talent doesn’t fit on a conventional stage. We’d love as many students to participate as possible, and we always appreciate the various talents of all different ages, levels, and genres. So here’s the new plan.

– Acts can include anything from singing, instrumental, dancing, snowboarding, skateboarding, a skit, an art project, or just about anything you can come up with! Feel free to be creative…

– You’ll need to video your act/talent or take a photo of your art.

– Please submit your video or photo by emailing mwackler@kpbsd.k12.ak.us by April 30th:

  • Submit your video by emailing a streaming video link (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Submit your photo by emailing your file directly as an attachment.

– Please sign the attached waiver so that your video can be shared on our Connections Homeschool Facebook Page and other places for all of our homeschool community to enjoy.

Hopefully we can turn this bizarre situation into something really cool and positive!

Questions? Email mwackler@kpbsd.k12.ak.us, and we really look forward to seeing your talents on video!


Fun Learning experience creating Homer Public Library’s Seed Library. Ages: All families are welcome to participate; we can find a project that fits your needs.  For more information see attached flyer or please contact Saskia Esslinger alaskaskia@gmail.com or call (669)258-1399.

HOMER – COVID-19 Prevention Kid Art Poster Contest

How to enter: Write on the back of the poster, in pencil, student’s name, grade, school, parent’s name, email and phone number. Put posters into tote on Homer Council of the Art’s porch, as the office is closed, by Monday April 20, 2020. Ages K-12 are eligible to enter, artwork must be original.  See flyer for details.

HOMER – Welcoming Home Our Birds

Kits are limited register online today at www.homerart.org Cost is $20/house you will pick it up on May 7th all supplies provided.  If you get a house and you paint and decorate it, send Connections a picture and we will share on it on our Facebook page.

HOMER – Poetry Contest

Entry Deadline is Friday May 8th email your entry to hcoa@homeart.org, you must include your name and phone number.  Write a 20 lines or less poem on “Fruits of Our Quarantine”. Open to Middle and High School Students and Adults.  Poems will be judged on literary devices and reflection of theme. By submitting your poem to this contest, you are agreeing to let Homer Council on the Arts and Homer News publish your poem at its discretion. See flyer for more details.

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Principal of Connections Homeschool Program Rich Bartolowits was born and raised on the Kenai Peninsula. He has been a KPBSD educator for more than 20 years. Rich enjoys fishing and has recently taken up kayak fishing for halibut and salmon. Rich joined the Connections' team for the 2015-2016 school year and continues to be impressed with the many great things homeschool families do as they take ownership of their children's learning.
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