Connections Assessment Description and Instructions

Kindergarten Developmental Profile

This is a state-mandated assessment that is administered to kindergarten students or first grade students entering the public schools for the first time. The Developmental Profile asks the teachers of these student to record the developmental readiness of students entering kindergarten (or first grade) in four areas using eleven indicators.


At the foundation of AIMSweb is general outcome measurement, a form of curriculum-based measurement (CBM), used for universal screening three times a year and progress monitoring when needed in grades K-6. This form of brief assessment measures overall performance of key foundational skills at each grade level and draws upon over thirty years of scientific research that demonstrates both its versatility to provide accurate prediction of reading and math achievement as well as its sensitivity to growth. KPBSD assesses early literacy and math skills (TEL and TEN), reading fluency (R-CBM) and basic math computation (M-COMP).


Ed Performance Testing Instructions:
1)         Go to
2)         Click on Student Log in
3)         Enter Site ID: 76-7551-2951 (have to enter dashes)
4)         Choose Test (Math, Reading or Language Arts)
5)         Enter Student ID without beginning zero (if you need your student’s ID number, please call the office)
6)         Confirm Student Name
7)         Take assessment
8)         Will prompt when completed to take another assessment
9)         Results are provided by Advisors

Want to know more about how your students are doing in the core courses of Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science?  Connections is working with Scantron’s Edperformance series to provide accurate assessment and tracking to assist you and your child’s goals of an excellent education.  These assessments can give you and your advisor specific, targeted information on your student’s strengths and weaknesses and help everyone plan appropriately for their instruction.  Taken over time they can also help you and your student’s track the amazing progress they are making, and help create learning goals and objectives to reach for in the future.

The Ed Performance testing covers Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and Science and is available to take at specific times during the school year.  We recommend they take only one subject test per day.  Each test could take about an hour.

Please remember that in order for the results to be accurate; students should do the work on their own.  This test is considered self-leveling; if the student receives help from other sources the questions will become increasingly more difficult and the student will become frustrated.  In addition, your students’ academic level will be incorrect.  See below for more information on how it self-levels.

Ed Performance is a standards-based assessment that targets the instructional level of each student.  This is accomplished by adjusting question difficulty based on previous answers.  If a student answers correctly, the test will increase the item difficulty to appropriately challenge that student. If a student answers incorrectly, the test engine will decrease item difficulty to the lower level skills. This enables Ed Performance to provide an accurate evaluation of the student’s abilities, either at, above, or below grade level.  If your student has already taken this assessment it will start out at their previously determined level, often leading to a shorter testing experience than the first attempt.

Most students take about one hour to complete.  It may take longer than an hour for students who are advanced and continue to provide correct answers.  Please note that some students; particularly advanced students may feel frustrated at some point.  To determine a students’ level, some questions will need to be incorrect.  It is important for you as a teacher to let your students know the test is designed to not get all answers correct.  Please visit with your child and let them know how the test works.  Please call your advisor if you would like more information or assistance.

College- and Career-Ready Assessments (CCRA)

Students on a college or career track may want to take one, or more of the tests below. School counselors and teachers will share information with students on the difference between the tests. The following websites provide parent information for each assessment:

Connections Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL CODE is: 020360

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