Central Peninsula

Including the Cities of: Soldotna, Kenai, Sterling, Kasilof, Nikiski, Cooper Landing (may include Anchorage)

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Disclaimer Notice:This list of tutors is informational only. It is provided as a service to our parents and not intended to be a recommendation or validation of persons or services.

Listed Alphabetically by Subject

Core Subjects

Business Name: Brown Bear Tutoring / Hansen, Patsy
Location: Sterling
Address: P.O. Box 632, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 394-1909
E-mail: phansen13@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Language Arts

• Pre reading, reading, writing, spelling, all related skills and practices using phonetic approach.
• Sonday system learning plan, Kendall spelling.
• Progress is determined by checking for knowledge, mastery checks, and daily notes.
Lesson Description: 30 to 60 minutes, as needed.
Cost: $30.00 per hour.

Business Name: Challenger Learning Center / Olcott, Marnie
Location: Kenai
Address: 9711 Kenai Spur Hwy., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-2000
E-mail: marnie.olcott@akchallenger.org
Subjects Taught: Math, Science, Technology

KPBSD Grade Level Expectations for grades K-8 in Science, Technology and Math.
• Methodology is hands on, inquiry based STEM instruction.
• Lesson materials are adapted from or aligned with NASA, Project Wild, and other proven state, national and online curricula.
• Students are given a pre-assessment at the beginning of a unit. At the conclusion, students are given the same questions as a post-assessment and the number of correct answers compared.
• Assignments completed in class are reviewed for accuracy and discussed with the student.
• A homework/family activity is assigned each week to compliment the lesson plan. These are returned and discussed the following week.
Lesson Description: Vary in length, and times per week.
Cost: Varies.

Business Name: DeVolld Consulting
Location: Soldotna
Address: , Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-8474
E-mail: consulting@devolld.net
Subjects Taught: Language Arts

In-Class Course Options
Option One:
• “Technical Writing and Test Prep” – September 18th to October 25th
• “World Literature” – January 22nd to February 28th
Option Two:
• “College Preparatory Writing I” – November 6th to December 13th
• “College Preparatory Writing II” – March 26th to May 2nd
• Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-2:30 for six weeks.
• Students will complete at least 67.5 of hours of instruction and assignments to receive one semester of high school Language Arts credit per six week session.
• Students will be assigned 5-6 hours of homework each week.
• Connections’ vendor direct payment form may be used for tuition.
• Tuition is$390.00 per six week session.
• Online Courses Available
• Composition
• American Literature
• World Literature
• These classes may be started at any time after September 18th, but must be completed by May 2nd.
• Students will complete at least 67.5 of hours of instruction and assignments to receive one semester of high school Language Arts credit per class.
• No special programs are needed-just Internet, Word, and email.
• Connections’ vendor direct payment form may be used for the$300.00 tuition.
• Allotment will be billed when the class is started.
Lesson Description:
Cost: See website for details.

Business Name: Gibson Consulting / Gibson, Catherine
Location: Sterling
Address: 32930 Fair Game Ave, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 260-3486
E-mail: catvic69@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, ESL, ELL

As a tutor, I would be reinforcing skills taught from school instruction while implementing new strategies for success.
• I have been teaching over 40 years. I hold a current State of Alaska Professional Teaching Certificate along with an Endorsement in the teaching of Reading. I have worked with students who tested as ELL and/or ESL.
• My area of expertise is Language Arts, which includes Reading, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary building, Literature, and Writing.
• In the area of Reading I would emphasize the building of reading fluency, decoding, pronunciation, and comprehension from emergent levels to high school.
• I teach K-12 in all subjects.
Tutoring for high school algebra using Saxon Algebra 1, third edition; high school biology using:
• Biology Power Basics
• Walch Publishing
• Grammar & Composition grade 10 by Prentice Hall
Lesson Description: 1.5 hrs twice a week – Math; 45 minutes minimum twice a week – other
Cost: $45.00 Math; $30.00 per lesson – other.; Available from 2pm – 6pm

Business Name: Haralson, Ian McKinley
Location: Kenai
Address: PO Box 2881, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 690-0583
E-mail: ianharalson01@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Math: Math 1 to Calculus

Math: Math 1 to Calculus:
Pre-Algebra: Programs Used – Saxon Math, Math UC
• Solidify basic arithmetic skills
• Develop a solid understanding and familiarity with negative numbers, variables, exponents, formulas, algebraic expressions, the relationship between numbers and shapes and prepare students for future algebra courses
Algebra: Programs Used – Saxon Math, Math UC
• Develop and refine algebraic skills
• Develop ability to express real problems in mathematical equations
• Train students in working with quadratic and higher degree equations, imaginary numbers, graphing, factoring and other advanced algebraic expressions

Lesson Description: 50 mins 4 days a week
Cost: $15.00 per hr

Business Name: I TEACH / McCown, Misty
Location: Soldotna
Address: P.O. Box 3138, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-4915
E-mail: mistymccown@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Various

• Language Arts K-12
• Social Studies K-12
• Science K-12
• Reading K-12
• Math K-8
10 years experience in Intervention and Special Education
Help build and support students learning plan

Lesson Description: 45 minutes 1-3 times per week (as needed)
Cost: $25-$45 per session

Business Name: Kenai Public Health / McKinley, Amanda
Location: Kenai
Address: 630 Barnacle Way Suite A, Kenai Ak 99611
Phone: 335-3400
E-mail: amanda.mckinley@alaska.gov
Subjects Taught: Health & Science Courses

Healthy Lifestyle: foods, prevention, hand washing, immunizations, relationships, sexual health & family planning.
Lesson Description: Varies: Contact Kenai Public health: 335-3400
Cost: Free

Business Name: Log Cabin Inn Kenai / Danielson, Teresa
Location: Kenai
Address: 49860 Eider Drive, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-3653
E-mail: motherteresa@rmoosemail.com
Subjects Taught: Various

As needed for Connections students.
Lesson Description: TBD
Cost: $35.00 per hr

Business Name: RWM / Chamber. Lisa
Location: Soldotna
Address: 39460 Alma Ave., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 598-9350
E-mail: haylisa69@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Reading, Writing or math Tutoring

Reading instructions includes (after diagnostic assessment) phonemic awareness, phonics instruction, guided oral reading and guided reading strategies to improve comprehension. In addition, computer-based programs may be used such as Raz-Kids, Moby Max and IXL.
Writing instruction includes strategies to improve spelling, grammar, mechanics, composition and types of writing (expository, narrative, persuasive and descriptive). Programs include Write Tools and graphic organizers. Computer-based programs include Moby Max and IXL.
Math instruction takes the form of help in a specific area, or going back to the beginning and finding the “holes” that need to be filled. Programs used could be whichever one the student is expected to use or my own preference would be Saxon Math. Diagnostic assessment will be followed by instruction in the next skills needed before moving on to the next, and so on, since mathematics builds on itself. Computer programs may include Reflex Math, IXL and Moby Max.

Lesson Description: 30-60 minutes depending on student needs
Cost: $30 per hr or $15 half hr

Business Name: Sun, Moon, and Stars / Moon, Laurie
Location: Kenai
Address: 514 Overland Ave #16, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 398-0823
E-mail: akmoonbeans@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Primary Tutoring

I hold a BA in Elementary Ed., and a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in reading. I am a retired elementary (K-3 classroom) teacher with 28 years of experience. I will work with students needing help with basic school instruction or provide extra help in reading, grammar, spelling, writing, phonetics such as Sonday, Sound Partners, Reading Mastery, Connecting Reading, Reading A-Z, Saxon reading and math.
Lesson Description: 30-60 minutes 1-3 times per week as needed

Business Name: The Learning Tree Montessori / Olson, Katie
Location: Soldotna
Address: 35870 Poppy Ridge Rd., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-3131
E-mail: akmontessori@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Reading

• Reading tutoring.
• Utilization of individualized Montessori materials and coaching skills that help scaffold comprehension and confidence.
• Use of pre-assessment, running records and ending assessment to gauge student growth, Elementary & Middle school math.
Lesson Description: 1 hour in length and administered as needed.
Cost: $36.00 per lesson.

Business Name: The Study / Nelson, Kerri
Location: Soldotna
Address: P.O. Box 4655, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-6227
E-mail: thestudysoldotna@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music

• I will teach various concepts in a variety of subjects.
• My business is all inclusive teaching and offering reading, math, writing as well as piano.
• The Study offers educational workshops, private tutoring for all age levels, SAT, ACT and HSGQE prep classes, art and piano.
• Please visit us on our website listed above.
Lesson Description:
Cost: $50.00 an hour, or $500.00 for the workshop.

Business Name: The Wisdom Tree / Henderson, Lisa
Location: Soldotna
Address: 33092 Horace St, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-2442
E-mail: lisa.wisdomtree@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Core, Music, PE

• History: simulations, games, hands on
• Literature: classic books, discussions, writing assignments
• Physical Education: various styles and fitness activities (Zumba, self-defense games)
• Science: hands on labs, experiments, basics
• Math: all levels
• Music: basic songs & fun movement

Lesson Description: 1 hr 1-5 times a week
Cost: Group $10 Individual $50

Business Name: Thompson, Vicki
Location: Soldotna
Address: 32277 Echo Lake Rd., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-1962 or 398-2362
E-mail: happyhiker23@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Math

• Pre Algebra.
• Algebra I.
• Algebra II.
• Entry Geometry & Trigonometry.
Lesson Description: 1 hour lessons 3 times a week
Cost: $10 to $20 per hour.

Creative Art

Business Name: Alaska Boy Productions / MacLellan, Caden
Location: Kenai
Address: 51112 Sea Qurst Drive, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 741-0943
E-mail: alaskaboyproductions@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Videography

• History of videography
• Videography types
• Camera types
• Camera settings
• Lighting
• Framing
• Audio
• Editing – we will use Adobe Premier Pro

Lesson Description: 1 hour weekly for 30 weeks
Cost: $30

Business Name: Allison, Maria L.
Location: Kenai
Address: P.O. Box 1764, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-3024
E-mail: mlaalaska1764@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Theory, Piano

• Technical studies – Hanon, Czerny or appropriate level scales, arpeggios.
• Basic Repertoire – choose 3 works of contrasting styles, depending on student’s level.
• Music Theory appropriate for music studied.
• Student practice should be minimum of 45 to 60 minutes daily except for lesson day.

Lesson Description: To be decided – possibly 45 to 60 minutes weekly.
Cost: Please call for more information.

Business Name: Anita’s Piano & Voice / Oliva, Anita
Location: Kenai
Address: 44395 Rhines Rd., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-2841
E-mail: alohelp@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano, Voice

• Piano – John Schaum Pre-A on up curriculum & separate pieces.
• Voice – Breathing, posture, training ear to hear, learning to read music, preparing songs, choosing songs, memorization, performance, etc.
• Homework – write & recognize musical signs, practice scales, timing & prepare pieces.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, once a week, with 2 to 3 hours of practice a week.
Cost: $18.00 each.

Business Name: Artzy Junkin / Mann, Su
Location: Soldotna
Address: 44712 Sterling Hwy, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-9162
E-mail: sioux224@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Art Classes

Variety of Art Classes:
• Painting
• Pottery
• Weaving
• Stained Glass
• Craft Classes
• Decoupage
See Artzy Junkin Facebook for more information

Lesson Description: 1 day classes
Cost: $30 – $75 depending on class

Business Name: Biggs Media / Biggs, Sue
Location: Soldotna
Address: 120 Henrich St, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-8074
E-mail: sbiggs@gci.net
Subjects Taught: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Theory and Violin

Teaches: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Theory and Violin Instruction
• Basic Germanic Theory will be taught including chord progressions and composition skills where they apply.
• Basic technique and a variety of musical styles will be emphasized.
• Ear training and sight reading are covered during instruction
Piano/Guitar: Alfred Music Series
Violin: Suzuki
Voice: 25 Italian, etc…

Lesson Description: 30-60 minutes dependent upon student
Cost: $25 (30 min) & $35 (45 min)

Business Name: Cabin Fever Creations / Groshart, Tamra
Location: Soldotna
Address: 35210 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-2787
E-mail: cabinfevercreations@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Art – Various

• Ceramic: painting & glazing
• Antiquing
• Dry Brushing
• Drawing
• Ceramics
• Stains
• Glazes
• Hands on learning

Lesson Description: Varies depending on project
Cost: Varies depending on project

Business Name: Con Brio Music Studio / Peterson, Kent
Location: Soldotna
Address: 33373 Constitution St, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 394-6231
E-mail: conbrioak@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Band instruments, Guitar & Bass

Applied music instruction on:
• band instruments
• guitar
• bass

Lesson Description: 30 minutes weekly
Cost: $20 per lessson

Business Name: Custom Stained Glass / Stevens, Sandra
Location: Sterling
Address: 35260 Betty Lou Dr, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 262-4527
E-mail: csg2003@live.com
Subjects Taught: Stained Glass

• Beginning copper foil – ages 8+
• Briefly explain types of glass and techniques
• Practice straight cuts & familiarize w/ cutting tools
• Use ‘breaking tools’
• Select pattern
• Select Glass
• Copy pattern, cut & layout glass & assemble using copper foil techniques after grinding
• Practice soldering and solder piece
• Assemble outside & attach hooks
• Clean & polish

Lesson Description: 2hrs once a week
Cost: $25 hr

Business Name: Delana Music / Green, Jessica (Delana)
Location: Soldotna
Address: PO Box 1, Sterling AK 66972
Phone: 398-6416
E-mail: delana.duncan@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drama

• Piano/Guitar/Voice students will learn chording, as well as notation and sight reading.
• I teach material that helps you understand past & present c/m positions.
• Guitar students focus more on modern compositions.
• My curriculum includes a 5 week study on each individual composer.
• Vocal students are required to bring a water bottle to class.
• I give a weekly verbal progress report based on my in-class notes.
• They also will be going through a book or worksheet which makes progress clear
Lesson Description: 30 minutes to an hour long weekly.
Cost: $30 for 30 minutes and $50 for 1 hour.

Business Name: Gattenby, Lee
Location: Kenai
Address: 36454 Ravenwood St. N., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 252-5347
E-mail: lee_gattenby@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Theory, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Voice

• Sight read, College level music theory.
• Basic through advanced playing techniques. Instruments taught are guitar, bass, percussion and vocals.
• Progress will be determined by performance, testing, and oral exams.

Lesson Description: Lesson vary in length and frequency.
Cost: Varies.

Business Name: Gordon, Jeff
Location: Soldotna
Address: 32935 LeeAnn Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-4499
Subjects Taught: Guitar, Trumpet, Alto Sax, Electric Bass, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolin, Ukulele

• Twenty-eight years of professional music experience, and fifteen years of instructional experience.
• Instruction in guitar, trumpet, alto sax, electric bass, banjo, harmonica.
• Students will learn the proper techniques for playing their instrument, how to read music and concepts of music theory.
• Materials to be used include the latest, text books from Alfred, Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, Berkeley Press, etc.
Lesson Description: ½ hour, once a week.
Cost: $25 per lesson

Business Name: Hinsberger, Rebecca
Location: Kasilof
Address: PO Box 441, Kasilof AK 99610
Phone: 252-9253
E-mail: dwellinsecretplace@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Art

• Painting
• Drawing
• Charcoal
• Art history

Lesson Description: 1 1/2 -2 hrs per lesson
Cost: $20 per lesson

Business Name: Holper Piano Co. / Holper, Rachel
Location: Kenai
Address: 46571 Jo Ave., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-9690
E-mail: alaskaholpers@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

• I will be teaching the fundamentals, proper technique, basic music theory, and mastery of songs for playing the piano.
• My preferred piano curriculum is the Alfred’s Series.
• Students range from beginner level 1A to level 3.
• I supplement with songs from the Bastien and the Faber and Faber series as well as other miscellaneous songs in my personal piano library.
• Progress will be determined by listening to the songs assigned the previous week. I look at the mastery of notes, as well as an understanding of the musical theory of the song, dynamics, etc.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, once a week.
Cost: $15.00 per lesson + tax.

Business Name: Houglum Educational Services / Houglum, Tom
Location: Soldotna
Address: 374 Vine Ave., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 425-210-3514
E-mail: thougy@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

• Piano lessons will be taught on the sanctuary grand piano at Christ Lutheran Church at the “Y” in Soldotna.
• All Beginning to Advanced students are welcome
• Have fun learning all the basics including note reading, rhythms, melodies and chords to more advanced technique and music literature
• Enjoy music through learning how to play the piano, and developing creativity and expression as a musician
• Learn through a variety of piano styles and selections from folk and classical to Christian, rock, jazz and contemporary
• Piano method books for beginning students include the latest from Bastien, Alfred and Faber
• Intermediate/Advanced students will study from collections such as Hanon, Czerny, Burgmuller, Clementi, Bach, Beethoven, Schumann and Chopin to ragtime, jazz and contemporary composers
• Twenty-five+ years of piano teaching experience in the Soldotna area
• Retired KPBSD music teacher from K-Beach Elementary and Soldotna High School
• Master of Music Degree, Western Washington University; Bachelor of Music Degree, Pacific Lutheran University
Lesson Description: ½ hour, once a week
Cost: $25 per half hour lesson weekly.

Business Name: Joyful Sound / Dohse, Kristine
Location: Nikiski
Address: PO Box 7977, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 776-3741
E-mail: dohsedoe@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Musical Instruments & Choir

Piano, choir and other musical instruments:
• Basic skills per level of student
• Music theory
• Repertoire pieces for performers

Lesson Description:
Cost: $20 per 1/2 hour

Business Name: Kincaid, Linda
Location: Soldotna
Address: 39439 Red Hill St., Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 262-9755
E-mail: blkincaid@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano, Voice, Flute, Theory

• I teach Piano, Voice & Flute Lessons.
• Music theory & technique will be taught.
• 25 years of teaching private music lessons.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes in length.
Cost: Please call for more information.

Business Name: Last Frontier Piano Studio / Weathers, Mark
Location: Nikiski
Address: PO Box 7685, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 420-4559
E-mail: lastfrontierpianostudio@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

Method: Tales of a Musical Journey by Irina Gorin (Book 1 & 2
• After completed students proceed to learn performance repertoire
Supplementary material are from Keith Snell, Faber, Alfred, Royal Conservatory of Music, Piano Pronto, etc…
Theory Workbooks: Theory Times or Keith Snell Theory Books
Skills: note reading, technique, interpretation

Lesson Description: Once a week
Cost: $25 for half hr

Business Name: Lhia’s Piano Lessons
Location: Soldotna
Address: 324 W. Corral Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-5612
E-mail: elder_tim@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

Basic Piano = Bastien Piano Basics – Beginner Primer A & B
Bastiens Piano Basics = Primer Level – Piano, Theory, Technic, Performance
Bastiens Piano Basics = Level 1 – Piano, Theory, Technic. Performance – Level 2 Also
Alfred Basic Piano Library

Lesson Description: 25 minutes 1 per week
Cost: $14.00 per 25 minutes

Business Name: Music for Life / Morgan, Virginia
Location: Cooper Landing
Address: P.O. Box 657, Cooper Landing AK 99572
Phone: 595-3094
E-mail: tommyginny@arctic.net
Subjects Taught: Piano

• Over twenty years of teaching experience.
• Bachelor of Arts in music and Bachelor of Education.
• Alfred’s Premier Piano Course and Piano Adventures are the preferred methods used, supplemented with additional materials, determined by need.
• Daily practice is expected.
• Progress is determined by progression through leveled method books and a yearly recital.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, weekly.
Cost: $18.00 per lesson, plus tax. Tuition is billed by the semester.

Business Name: Musical Inspirations / Faris, Audra
Location: Soldotna
Address: 33120 Skyline Dr, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-6549
E-mail: musicmaster@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Singing

Material (songs) provided by teacher unless specific songs are requested. Teach voice skills and strategies to improve singing. Trained in both Kodaly & Orff pedagogy, also private lesson through renowned singer Margaret Swain. Methods change according to singer’s needs. Opportunities to perform are available. Also can assist in school activities & programs ie: Allstate, National, Etc…
Lesson Description: 1 time per week
Cost: 25 for 1/2 hr

Business Name: Newell, Cheryl
Location: Sterling
Address: 38255 Whispering Lan, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 953-6147
E-mail: uncorkedalaska@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Painting/Art

I can teach beginning to advanced painting, drawing and sculpture.
Painting in acrylic, oil or watercolor.

Lesson Description: Varies depending on project/lesson
Cost: $30-$75 depending on project/lesson

Business Name: Pilatti, Rosemary
Location: Kenai
Address: 49640 Baun Dr., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 776-8916
E-mail: wrangell86@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Instrument, Voice

• Private voice and instrument lessons.
• Lessons will be taught at my home off Holt-Lamplight Road in Nikiski.
• A variety of resources will be used including:
• Yamaha, Best in Class, Accent on Achievement for wind and percussion instruments.
• Jerry Shyder for guitar.
• Select compositions, exercises for voice.
• Ear training and written theory will be offered to all students, adult and youth.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, once a week.
Cost: $25.00 per 30 minute session.

Business Name: Redoubt Flute Studio / Raften, Tamoka
Location: Soldotna
Address: 116 Sierra Heights St., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 420-0517 or 310-4836
E-mail: redoubtflutestudio@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Flute

I will consult each student’s goals and desires carefully to create an individualized lesson plan and course of study that fit best each student’s needs.
At the lessons, we will work on:
• Accurate and flexible flute techniques.
• Development of a beautiful and rich real flute sound.
• Relaxed and correct breathing method.
• Correction any problem with a body posture and embouchure.
• Controlled and effective vibrato.
• Effective use of musical mind set and musical body.
• Learning effective practice strategies with maximized productivity.
• Ear training / controlling intonations.
• Sight reading training using Solfege (Solfa) methods.
• Music theories from basic to graduate university course level.
• Learning aesthetical interpretation of different styles of music.
• Band / orchestra / piccolo study.
Lesson Description:
Cost: $30 per 30 + tax, $45 per 45 minutes + tax.

Business Name: Royal Pavilion Studios / Mayer, Garrett
Location: Soldotna
Address: 36243 Schultz St., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 953-2282
E-mail: garrettj.mayer@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Drums, Bass, Piano, Guitar, Orchestral Percussion, Mandolin, Theory

• Musical instructions including, music theory, composition and technique realized on instruments including, drums, bass, piano, guitar, orchestral percussion and mandolin.
• Methods include curriculum approved and taught by Berklee College of Music.
• Progress is determined by weekly lessons evaluating progress and annual recitals.
Lesson Description: 30 or 60 minutes, once a week.
Cost: $20 for 30 minutes and $35 for 60 minutes.

Business Name: Rusty’s Music / Clarke, Rusty
Location: Kasilof
Address: PO Box 253, Kasilof AK 99610
Phone: 602-568-2979
E-mail: rustyclarke@mac.com
Subjects Taught: Music

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, and Mandolin. Acoustic or electric.
Advance faster than you thought possible. You’ll learn chord progressions, lead and solo techniques, finger picking, songwriting, and how to play by ear. In-depth music theory helps you pull everything together and gets you playing quicker and more easily. Whatever direction your heart desires, we’ll go there. I’ve been playing for over 35 years and have taught ages six to 80. Twenty years teaching experience in private lessons and classrooms. I specialize in contemporary Christian worship music, and have taught youth for years to play at church and in coffee houses. I prefer to use Progressive guitar and music theory books. I offer hour lessons as any less proves to be dramatically less productive. $40 per hour. No getting out in the weather to come to lessons – I come to you.

Lesson Description: 1 hr per week
Cost: $40 per hr

Business Name: Schmidt, David L.
Location: Soldotna
Address: C.O. Soldotna Middle School, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-7370 or 262-7892
E-mail: daveschmidt1eanda@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Multiple Instruments

• Curriculum development along with traditional methods of instrumental instruction with practice and progress.
• Checks every 4 weeks.
• Traditional instrument curriculum KPBSD
Lesson Description: 45 min to 1 hour.
Cost: Please call for more information

Business Name: Smith Road Strings / Nill, Mellisa
Location: Sterling
Address: 39830 Smith Rd., Soldotna AK 99672
Phone: 260-8055, 252-8370
E-mail: smithrdstrings@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Violin, Viola

• Located 3 miles from Soldotna.
• Skills taught include music theory, proper posture for instrument and tonal quality.
• Instruments taught are violin, and viola.
• Material used are Mark O’Connor and Suzuki for repertoire.
• Progress is determined by mastery of material.
Lesson Description: One 30 minute lesson per week with 3 hours practice time per week.
Cost: $22.00 per lesson.

Business Name: Steele String Studio / Grossman, Emily
Location: Soldotna
Address: 47544 Clarence Dr, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 953-8777
E-mail: puffintoad@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano

Violin lessons:
• Note Reading
• Technique
• Improvisation
• Theory
• Adventures in Violinland – Shirley Givens
• Emphasis on classical music
Piano lessons:
• Alfred’s Basic Piano Library
• Note Reading
• Technique
• Improvisation
• Theory
• Ear Training

Lesson Description: 30 – 60 minutes weekly
Cost: $25.00 per lesson + tax

Business Name: The Study / Towne, Christopher
Location: Soldotna
Address: 42373 National Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: (405) 343-6220
E-mail: christopher_towne@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Guitar/Music

I have a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Music Education. I am certified to teach K-12th grade music for the state of Alaska. Skills to be taught are note reading, music theory for the guitarist, chord theory and guitar technique for the fingerstyle guitarist.
Lesson Description: 1/2 hr weekly
Cost: $22.50

Business Name: The Teach / Ireland, Patrice G.
Location: Soldotna
Address: P.O. Box 1002, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 394-2452
E-mail: patti.firstgrade@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

• Beginning Piano courses taught.
• Materials: Alfred’s Piano books for beginners & Theory books.
• Students will learn music theory and how to play songs on the piano.
• Students will be able to answer questions about theory and play each song with few mistakes.
Lesson Description: 30 minutes, once a week.
Cost: $20 per 30 minutes

Business Name: Traveling Piano Teacher / Rothleutner, April
Location: Soldotna
Address: 36175 Douglas Dr., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-6598
E-mail: artisanaffect@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Piano

I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level students and use many of the method books because I believe there is not one method for everyone as everyone learns differently. I can help those students who are new to the instrument become familiar with scales, progressions, technique, reading and musical styles. I can help intermediate students transition into more advanced piano repertoire and techniques and I can help advanced players develop their personal playing style and performance techniques. I am trained classically but I teach a wide variety of piano repertoire.
Lesson Description: usually 30 minutes once per week
Cost: $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for 60 minutes

Business Name: Unique Music / Brigham, Geri
Location: Nikiski
Address: P.O. Box 8043, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 776-5723
E-mail: geribrigham@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Music

• Students are evaluated at their weekly lesson to see if their progress is relative to their level of ability.
• Students are to keep track of their practice time during the week. Some written assignment on theory.
• Many of the instructional materials I use are from Alfred Publishing.
Lesson Description: 1/2 hour weekly private lesson. Practice time varies from 2 – 5 hours/weekly depending on level.
Cost: Please call for more information.

Business Name: Whitey’s Music Shop / Evans, Katie
Location: Soldotna
Address: Red Diamond Center, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-1622
E-mail: katieeevans@icloud.com
Subjects Taught: Guitar

• Beginning Guitar Theory
• Rhythm
• Notes
• Chords

Lesson Description: Per Month
Cost: $100

Physical Education

Business Name: Alaska C & C Horse Adventures / Green, Connie M.
Location: Soldotna
Address: 36475 Jim Dahler Rd, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 953-5401
E-mail: cowgirl@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Horsemanship

Skills taught are:
• How to properly take care of a horse.
• Safety and handling of horses.
• Progress is determined by confidence and attitude.
Lesson Description: From 45 minutes in length, once a week.
Cost: $35.00 per lesson, call for more information

Business Name: Alaska Midnight Sun Rowing Company / Saylor, Nancy
Location: Soldotna
Address: P.O. Box 2942, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-3547
E-mail: nasaylor@me.com
Subjects Taught: Rowing

Two types of Rowing Classes to choose from: Indoor or On-the-Water
• Indoor classes on rowing machines run in 4-week sessions.
• On-the-Water classes in boats run mid/late May through mid/late September.
• Students must be 14 years of age by December 31st (individual exceptions can be made)
See website or contact us for more details.

Lesson Description: Learn the joys of the sport of Crew rowing! We instruct beginners through advanced with opportunities to compete.
Cost: Varies

Business Name: Boys & Girls Club / Schloeman, Heather
Location: Kenai
Address: 705 Frontage Rd #B, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-2682
E-mail: hschloeman@positiveplaceforkids.com
Subjects Taught: Physical Ed

Please contact B&G Club or visit our website: Boys and Girls Club
Lesson Description: Please contact B&G Club
Cost: Please contact B&G Club

Business Name: Challege Martial Arts / Fritsche, Heather
Location: Nikiski
Address: 51805 Spur Hwy, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 513-9381
E-mail: onfo@challengema.com
Subjects Taught: Martial Arts

The program includes numerous hand strike & blocks, Kicks, board breaks, self-defense, sparring, open hand and weapons forms, and fitness skills such as agility, balance, reaction speed, core strength, cardio workouts, etc. It also includes character components such as integrity, peace, self-control, truth, compassion, etc.
Materials include ssang jeol bongs, jahng bongs, wavemasters, hand targets, body shields, medicine balls, agility ladder and many other fitness-related aids. Also, rebreakable boards of various degrees of difficulty and wood boards.
Students are required to read essays written by myself on each of the character components.

Lesson Description: 1hr 15minutes 3-5 times per week
Cost: $110 per month

Business Name: Community Schools / Joel Todd
Location: Soldotna
Address: 538 Arena Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 714-1211
E-mail: jtodd@soldotna.org
Subjects Taught: Creative Art, Physical Education

See Community Schools Flyer or visit our website: Soldotna Community Schools
Lesson Description: See Community Schools Flyer
Cost: See Community Schools Flyer

Business Name: Corefit Training Studio / Whannell, Pako
Location: Kenai
Address: 2560 Seine Ct., Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 252-3508
E-mail: corefittrainingstudio@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Strength, Cardio

• Basic strength training workout, including stretches, warm up, cool down & cardio.
• Designed for clients’ needs specifically.
• As time goes on, reps, sets, and weight will increase due to strength increase.
• More advanced exercises will be implemented gradually with progress.
Lesson Description: 1 hour, once a week.
Cost: $55.52 per lesson.

Business Name: Crossfit Certitude / Dixon, Nikki
Location: Soldotna
Address: 35348 KBeach Rd #B2, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 953-2439
E-mail: nikkidixon83@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Crossfit

Please see website : www.crossfitcertitude.com
Lesson Description: Please see website
Cost: Please see website

Business Name: Diamond Dance Studio / Soyangco, Jesimiel
Location: Soldotna
Address: 43299 K-Beach Rd Suite 6A/7, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 791-0732
E-mail: diamond_danceproject@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Dance

• Instruction in dance, in performing arts and education
• Furthering knowledge of the foundation of dance and relating it to expression and creativity
• Improve self-confidence
• Building on peer relationships and creating personal goals

Lesson Description: 1 to 1.5 hrs weekly
Cost: Varies, see website: http://www.ddpsquad.com/

Business Name: Encore Dance Academy / Phillips, Tara
Location: Kenai
Address: 110 Haller St, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 252-9917
E-mail: encoredanceak@hotmail.com
Subjects Taught: Dance

• Basic ballet, pointe, jazz and hip hop movement.
• Coordination, rhythm, and presentation.
• Memorization of combinations for performance
Lesson Description: 1 class per week for one hour – depending upon course
Cost: $55.00 per month.

Business Name: Evergreen Stables / Pokryfki, Angie
Location: Sterling
Address: 38455 Evergreen Dr, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 398-1615
E-mail: mtngirlak@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Horsemanship

Lesson will include reading material and some homework. Each student will be taught safety from the ground up.
Leading, grooming brushing, saddling and basic horse ownership will be taught.
Member of the North American Horseman’s Association.

Lesson Description: 1 hr
Cost: $35

Business Name: Forever Dance Alaska / Swanson, Darcy
Location: Soldotna
Address: 197 Shady Lane, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-1034
E-mail: darcy@foreverdancealaska.com
Subjects Taught: Dance

Dance instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced levels:
• Ballet
• Tap
• Jazz
• Hip Hop
• And other genres are available

Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Various – Please Call

Business Name: Gundunas, Peter
Location: Kenai
Address: PO Box 2511, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 776-5550
E-mail: kenaipeninsulafencingclub@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Fencing

I teach the basics of fencing:
Beginning Fencing Class:
• Beginning classes are designed to teach foundational technique and strategy to new students. The focus is on technique to build strength and endurance.
Advanced Fencing Class:
• Advanced fencing classes teach students the next level in preparation for successful competition. Strategy is the main focus as well as further technique development.
• Students may choose to supplement with individual lessons.
Individual Lessons:
• Typical individual lessons are provided in 20-30 minute increments where students work with skilled coaches on specific instruction.
• Individual lessons are scheduled with the specific coach and fees arranged individually.
Open Fencing:
• Open fencing provides an excellent opportunity for those fencers who have completed a beginning class to apply skills on the strip in bout format.

Lesson Description: 2 hours twice a week
Cost: $3.46

Business Name: Jumpin’ Junction / Miller, Kevin
Location: Soldotna
Address: 42115 Kbeach Rd A2, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 420-0566
E-mail: jumpinjunctionak@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Body Movement & Physical Fitness

We are a movement and play based facility with indoor inflatables which allows active physical play through crawling, climbing, balancing and jumping. A complete body workout for children.
Lesson Description: Open 6 days a week
Cost: Daily rates and monthly membership available. Please call for more information.

Business Name: KPHA / Hagel, Clint
Location: Soldotna
Address: 405 Overland Ave, Suite 104, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-8978
E-mail: beau33psu@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Hockey

• All programs involve the development of skills to play the game of hockey.
• We have 20 different programs as complex as 5 on 5 to learning how to correctly fall on the ice without injury.
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Varies

Business Name: KPSC / Hamiliton, Misty
Location: Kenai
Address: PO Box 393, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 598-9004
E-mail: president@kpsc.us
Subjects Taught: Soccer

Please see website: www.kpsc.us
Lesson Description: Please see website: www.kpsc.us
Cost: Please see website: www.kpsc.us

Business Name: Nikiski Community Rec Center / Parra, Rachel
Location: Nikiski
Address: P.O. Box 7116, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 776-8800
E-mail: rparra@kpb.us
Subjects Taught: Various

Please see website
Lesson Description: Please see website
Cost: Please see website

Business Name: Ninilchik Health & Wellness Club / Wallace, Brie
Location: Ninilchik
Address: PO Box 39070, Ninilchik AK 99639
Phone: 567-3455
E-mail: hwc@ninilchiktribe-nsn.gov
Subjects Taught: Physical Education

See Website: https://www.ninilchikhealthclub.com/
Lesson Description: See Website: https://www.ninilchikhealthclub.com/
Cost: See Website: https://www.ninilchikhealthclub.com/

Business Name: Northern Simulators / Bias, Stephanie
Location: Soldotna
Address: 44332 Sterling Hwy, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-1000
E-mail: northernsimulators@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Archery

We will cover these areas: Bow/arrow parts, archery safety, proper form, gear maintenance, shot execution, safety review, drills, target practice with scoring, skills contests, and games.
Lesson Description: 45 min lesson daily: 15 minute classroom 30 minute range time. 3 days a week (mon, wed, fri) for 2 weeks.
Cost: $30 per lesson for 6 lesson = $180 total

Business Name: Red Line Sports / Redford, Vince
Location: Soldotna
Address: 168 Trumpeter Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-7570
E-mail: onthego@acsalaska.net
Subjects Taught: Ice Skating

• All programs involve the development of skills to play the game of hockey.
• We have 20 different programs as complex as 5 on 5 to learning how to correctly fall on the ice without injury.
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Varies

Business Name: Redemption Mixed Martial Arts / Kolesar, Isaac
Location: Sterling
Address: P.O. Box 1329, Sterling AK 99672
Phone: 230-5494
E-mail: isaac.alaska@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Mixed Martial Arts

• Students will be taught the following:
• Brazilian Ju Jitsu
• Muay Thai Kick boxing
• Wrestling
• Boxing
• Fitness/Nutritional basics.
• The discipline to know when to fight as well as how to deal with bullies in an appropriate way.
• Students will learn self-worth, respect, discipline, integrity, honor and how to translate and maintain these values in everyday life.
• Progress is determined by class participation, application, and attitude during class.
Lesson Description: 3 times a week up to 4 hours per class.
Cost: $125.00 monthly.

Business Name: River City Cheer / Dobbs, Jame & Dobbs, Jessica
Location: Soldotna
Address: 44315 Parkway Ave., Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-9990
E-mail: frontdesk@rivercitycheer.net
Subjects Taught: Gymnastics

• Skills taught are floor tumbling, body awareness, flexibility and balance.
• We follow levels created by two main companies in the gymnastics industry, “The Tumble bear Program” and “Fun and Fit Program”.
• As students pass certain skills in levels, they pass the levels progressing further in the sport.
Lesson Description: Please see website
Cost: Please see website

Business Name: Sk8 – Etc / McEwen, Madalyn
Location: Kasilof
Address: P.O. Box 1036, Kasilof AK 99610
Phone: 262-3151
E-mail: mmcewen@soldotna.org
Subjects Taught: Ice Skating

• Basic to advanced figure skating is taught.
• Progress is determined by competition, exhibition and completion of test requirements.
• 1 hour each once a week.
Lesson Description: 3 hours a week practice time.
Cost: $14.00 per lesson.

Business Name: Soldotna Martial Arts / Draper, Howard (Bud)
Location: Soldotna
Address: 47103 East Poppy Lane, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-7155
E-mail: soldotnamartialarts@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Martial Arts

Martial Arts Instruction: World Tang Soo Do Association curriculum and scope and sequence will be used to teach new techniques and skills at each belt level i.e.: white belt, black belt, etc…
White belt beginning level: basic blocks, basic kicks, 1 step hand tech., 1 step foot tech., forms, beginning self-defense tech.
At each step students are instructed in new blocking, kicking, self-defense, forms, fighting (begins a intermediate student level).
There are 5 belt levels and 10 steps to achieve black belt status.

Lesson Description: 2-5 days a week 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs per session
Cost: $150 per month

Business Name: Solid Rock / Procter, Noah
Location: Soldotna
Address: 36251 Solid Rock Rd Unit 1, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-4741
E-mail: srbc@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Horsemanship

Horsemanship Skills:
• On ground and in saddle
• Basic horse care
• Working safely around horses
• Tacking up
• Experience appropriate riding instruction
• CHA standards for assessment
• CHA manuals

Lesson Description: 1 1/2 – 2 hours per lesson
Cost: $25 – $35 per lesson

Business Name: Studio 49 / Abbott, Angelic
Location: Soldotna
Address: 44332 Sterling Hwy, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 398-7113
E-mail: akstudio49@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Cardio & Bike Classes

We offer traditional high energy cardio classes such as Pound, Studio Pump, as well as spinning classes.
Lesson Description: Variety of options: monthly, punch cards and drop in sessions available
Cost: varies – Please see website: https://akstudio49.spacecrafted.com/

Business Name: The Fitness Place / Bevel, Kyla
Location: Soldotna
Address: 35249 Kenai Spur Hwy, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 420-3972
E-mail: fitplaceak@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Gym Facility

See Website for more information
Lesson Description: See Website for more information
Cost: See Website for more information

Business Name: White Crane Academy / Howland, Danette
Location: Kenai
Address: PO Box 18, Kenai Ak 99611
Phone: 335-3355
E-mail: dan_how@msn.com
Subjects Taught: Yoga, Martial Arts, Nia & more!

I developed a practice beginning with Bikram style, but have adapted a routine to suit beginners, older students and people with physical limitations. Other courses offered at our studio are: traditional Martial Arts, Kung fu, Shinto Muso Ryu, NIA, Tai Chi and other forms of yoga.
Lesson Description: 2-3x per week
Cost: $12 per lesson

Business Name: Winter’s Grace Guidance Center / Kerns, Sandra
Location: Soldotna
Address: 35555 Spur Hwy., PMB 132, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-6368
E-mail: sk_winters_grace@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: PE/Health

Animal Assisted Learning for Character Education Guidance, Ages 6-13
Enhance your child’s positive values in the areas of:
• Caring
• Equality
• Honesty
• Integrity
• Responsibility
• Healthy lifestyle
Three Months, 12 Total Hours
Onsite hands-on 9 hrs. with horses and dogs – Web-based learning 1.5 hrs. – Reading/Writing Comprehension 1.5 hrs.
Master Degreed Instructor in Education, Social Work and a Certified Equine Facilitated Wellness Mental Health, Learning & Equine Professional
Facility: Winter’s Grace Guidance Center, review our services on Facebook and Website
Cost $780

Lesson Description: Weekly over 3 Months
Cost: $780.00

Business Name: YogaSol / Cusack, Kelsey
Location: Soldotna
Address: PO Box 296, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 252-3113
E-mail: kelseycusack@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Yoga

• Gentle Flow
• Classic Hot Yoga
• Absolute Hot Yoga
• Flow Yoga
• Yin Yoga
• Restorative Yoga
See website for more information: www.yogasolalaska.com

Lesson Description: 60-90 minutes per class
Cost: $7.50-$8.00 per class

Practical Art

Business Name: Alaska Driving Academy / Lisenby & Bowen
Location: Soldotna
Address: 44332 Sterling Hwy 16B, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-3900
E-mail: alaskadrivingacademy@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Drivers Education

Classroom instructor using AAA Learn to Drive program, DVD’s and power point presentation. Behind the wheel instructor will be using those same ideas and applying them to actual use in the vehicle as students’ progress through the class. The goal of the class is to instruct students into becoming safe drivers with an Alaska State Driver’s license at the end of the course.
Lesson Description: 4hr 6 days a week
Cost: $495.00

Business Name: Amundsen Educational Center / Gillis, Bridgit
Location: Soldotna
Address: 995 Roald Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 260-8041
E-mail: info@aecak.org
Subjects Taught: Private Pilot Ground School

Course subject areas include:
• Basic Aerodynamics
• Aircraft Engine Operation and Flight Instruments
• Procedure and Airport Operations
• Enroute Flight
• Navigation
• Weather Information and Dissemination Services
• Communication
• Aircraft Systems
• Regulations
• Aircraft Performance
• It also includes FAA regulations, the Aeronautical Information Manual, radio communication and navigation.
Materials and texts used are: FARAIM, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Airplane Flying Handbook, ASA Written Test Prep, AOPA membership, Plotter and E6-B flight computer.
Please visit our website: Amundsen Educational Center/

Lesson Description: 3 hrs twice a week
Cost: $575 total including tuition and books

Business Name: Kenai Peninsula Driving Instruction / Douthit, Alexander
Location: Kenai
Address: 14896 Kenai Spur Hwy, Kenai Ak 99611
Phone: 398-2080
E-mail: kpdrivinginstruction@gmail.com
Subjects Taught: Driving Instruction

• 8 hrs classroom instruction
• 8 hrs one-on-one driving (behind the wheel) instruction

Lesson Description: 16hrs
Cost: $550

Business Name: Majority Arms, LLC / Trefren, Brenda
Location: Soldotna
Address: 38630 Fannie Mae Ave, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-9842
E-mail: brenda@majorityarms.com
Subjects Taught: Basic Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle

• Firearm Safety
• Parts of a Firearm
• Proper Firearm Technique
• Modern Pistol
• Self Defense Applications
• AK State Firearm Laws
• Marksmanship
• Gun Handling
• Also included: NRA basic pistol, rifle & shotgun program & materials

Lesson Description: 8-16hrs Monthly
Cost: $265.00

Business Name: Manny’s Drivers Education / Mannausau, Daryl
Location: Kenai
Address: 2835 Watergate Way, Kenai AK 99611
Phone: 283-9518
E-mail: cumman@alaska.net
Subjects Taught: Drivers Education

Please see website
Lesson Description: Please see website
Cost: Please see website

Business Name: MARC / Braband, Kyle
Location: Soldotna
Address: 595 Funny River Rd, Soldotna AK 99669
Phone: 262-5388
E-mail: kyle.braband@marcalaska.org
Subjects Taught: Flight School

See Website: https://www.marcalaska.org/#marc
Lesson Description: Varies
Cost: Varies

World Language

Business Name: Russian Language / Gashin, Marina
Location: Kenai
Address: PO Box 8105, Nikiski AK 99635
Phone: 252-8464
E-mail: marinagashina@yahoo.com
Subjects Taught: Russian

Using language helper, Russian books, writing, speaking, and structure of words for speech. Communication, reading material or just tutoring in something a person already knows but needs help in pronunciation or sound of their speech. The goal is to make it easy for person to learn the language in proper way without being frustrated. Willing to meet in Kenai or Nikiski.
Lesson Description: 30-40 minutes 1 x per week
Cost: $15.00