What’s Happening 5-15-17


For re-enrolling students unexpended student allotments at the end of this school year (June 30, 2017) will be rolled over to the 2017-2018 school year provided the following conditions are met:

· Students must complete the entire enrollment process with Connections prior to August 31, 2017
· Connections encourages families to re-enroll by May 26, 2017
· Previous grade reports must be submitted
· Students must maintain continuous enrollment with Connections


· Homer Office: 907-226-1880
· Seward Office: 907-224-9092
· Soldotna Office: 907-714-8880

Dates To Remember:

05/01 to 05/19 – EdPerformance Testing Grades 6-8 (instructions below)
05/01 to 05/19 – AIMSWEB Assessment Grades K-5: Call your local office for an appointment
05/17 – HOMER: Disc Golf (more info below)
05/19 – FRIDAY: 2nd Semester Reports Due
05/20 – Peninsula Water Safe Kids @ Skyview Middle (flyer attached)
05/20 – Safe Sitter Course (flyer attached)
05/25 – Connections Graduation @ 4:00pm @ SoHi Auditorium

SENIORS: Please remember to check the One Stop Portal for scholarship opportunities. Deadlines are fast approaching and here is the link to that site: http://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/OneStop/Scholarships.aspx

HOMER: Disc Golf Wednesday the 17th:

7th through 12th graders are invited to throw a round of disc golf at Jack Gist Park. Meet up with your Connection’s advisors from 1pm to 2pm in the park this Wednesday. We can teach you the rules and provide the discs. If you have any questions please contact Jake Parrett or Derek Bynagle in the Homer Office: 226-1880.


Do you want to use your spare time in the summer to get ahead on high school credits? The KPBSD is offering online courses this summer. Talk to your parents and advisor to see what courses would work best for you. As soon as you have decided click on the link (http://bit.do/2017summersession) to sign up for a course. Remember the sooner the better because they will fill up fast and it is first come first serve on who gets in the courses!

AIMS Web Assessments Grades K-5:

AIMS Web Assessments will be from May 1 to May 19. Please contact your local Connections office to schedule an appointment:

• Homer Connections: 226-1880
• Seward Connections: 224-9080
• Soldotna Connections: 714-8880 – May 8 and 9: Please call for an appointment

EdPerformance Assessments for Grades 6-8:

The EdPerformance Assessment for grades 5-8 window is May 1 to May 19. Here are the Ed Performance Testing Instructions, please complete the assessment by May 19th:

Ed Performance Testing Instructions:

1. Go to http://www.edperformance.com/
2. Click on Student Log in
3. Enter Site ID: 76-7551-2951 (have to enter dashes)
4. Choose Test (Math, Reading or Language Arts)
5. Enter Student ID without beginning zero (if you need your student’s ID number, please call the office)
6. Confirm Student Name
7. Take assessment
8. Will prompt when completed to take another assessment (only need to take the Math, Reading and Language arts)
9. Let your advisor know when tests are completed and they will get you the results

Further testing information:

Ed Performance is a standards-based assessment that targets the instructional level of each student. This is accomplished by adjusting question difficulty based on previous answers. If a student answers correctly, the test will increase the item difficulty to appropriately challenge that student. If a student answers incorrectly, the test engine will decrease item difficulty to the lower level skills. This enables Ed Performance to provide an accurate evaluation of the student’s abilities, either at, above, or below grade level. If your student has already taken this assessment it will start out at their previously determined level, often leading to a shorter testing experience than the first attempt.

Most students take about one hour to complete. It may take longer than an hour for students who are advanced and continue to provide correct answers. Please note that some students; particularly advanced students may feel frustrated at some point. To determine a students’ level, some questions will need to be incorrect. It is important for you as a teacher to let your students know the test is designed to not get all answers correct. Please visit with your child and let them know how the test works. Please call your advisor if you would like more information or assistance.

For further information concerning Connections testing, please contact your advisor.

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